Giving back

At Genesis Offices we’ve always cared about community – you, our clients, as well as the greater national and global communities. As such, we help empower our chosen not-for-profit organisations as well as being committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

Disaster Relief Australia

Genesis Offices has been supporting DRA since it’s inception (as Team Rubicon Australia) in 2016. As a military veteran himself, Robert Rowe (Director) chose DRA as it supports both the community and importantly, veterans – giving them the opportunity to grow beyond their military service. DRA is a great place to assist veterans in transitioning back in to society whilst supporting local communities.

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Irene Gleeson Foundation

At Genesis Offices we have supported the Irene Gleeson Foundation in northern Uganda for the 19 years we have been in business. The Foundations core values resonate with us – Irene set up the Foundation as she always believed that every human has the right to reach their full potential. Every human is entitled to food, water, medicine and education.

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Reducing our carbon footprint

At Genesis Offices, we strive to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. We do the small things well:

  • recycling: the obvious things such as paper and photocopier cartridges, and minimizing the amount we print and copy, but we also pride ourselves on up-cycling furniture, and bringing as much greenery as we can indoors to improve air quality and reduce the consumption of high-output air conditioning
  • we use energy-efficient light bulbs, have lights on timers to ensure they switch off when rooms are empty, and have energy saving programmes on our copiers, computers and other electronic devices
  • we buy local – much of our office fit-out has come from local sources, our kitchen is stocked from local suppliers and we support local communities where at all possible when sourcing what we need to support you

We ask you, our clients, to do your bit whilst you are in the office.

  • we have recycle bins in the office spaces for paper, soft plastics and compost
  • consider how much you need to print and copy
  • turn off your office lights when leaving or unattended for periods of time
  • turn off lights in meeting rooms when you’ve finished

Thank you!